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LANE is a universal program for trajectories calculation of flight vehicles (stage - concept analysis, conceptual design): Projectile, Railguns, Lauchers (V-2,SpaceShipTwo,Rockets...),Gliders, Balloons, Reentry vehicles (Vostok, Apolllo, Superlight Reentry Vehicles, Meteorits ...) .

LANE is based on the Delphi 2006 (Pascal) programming language.

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LANE is a program that simulates the flight of a aircrafts (flight vehicle) in two dimension.

1. LANE program has been given freely and you may download without charge for non-profit purposes only. Acceptable uses include: individual work, student presentations and projects.

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Links -> "The program for calculation of aircraft trajectory "LANE" (c) Dmitry Rakov"

Citing --> Rakov D. Program LANE for modeling of perspective aircrafts. Conference "From innovations to future technics", Russia, Moscow, 23-26. November 2010. 


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