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Senior staff scientist, Ph.D. Dmitry L. Rakov


1997: Ph.D. in Engineering (Specialty: Spacecraft and Structural Analysis), Dissertation on the theme “Methods of Structural synthesis and analysis of perspective systems”, Mosow State Aviation Institute (Technical University) (MAI), Moscow
1991-93: Graduate Studies, Qualification: Diplomaed Researcher (first-class honor degree), Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Moscow
1991-92: Diplomaed  Patent specialist   (first-class honor degree) (Specialty:  Intellectual Property), Central Russian Institute of Industrial Property for Top Executives Qualification Extension, Moscow
1988: M.Sc. in Engineering, (Speciality: Rocket Techniques and System Analysis), Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Aerospace Engineering, department Aviation-and Rocket Systems, Moscow

Professional Experience  

2007- 08: Professor (DFG - Mercator Program), Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2002- till now: Member (academician) of the Russian Astronautically Academy, Corresponding Member of the Russian Astronautically Academy(2000),(Consultant since 1997)
2001- till now:  Senior staff scientist, Institute of Engineering Science, Russian Academy of Sciences 
Commission on perspective energy storage systems, Laboratory on problems of the nuclear safety  
1997- 2000:  Adviser  EuroPressMediadienst (Germany) Hi-Tech field
1999-01:  Academic (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation),  project “Structural synthesis of innovative technical systems”, Technical University Berlin, Prof. Dr. Thorbeck, Berlin, Germany
1997--01: Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace, Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Moscow
1996-97:  Lecturer , Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Moscow
1994-96:  Researcher (German Program of Academy Exchange), Technical University Berlin, project “Methods of structural synthesis of complexe technical systems”, Berlin, Germany
1990-97: Academic (I stage), from 1994 II stage, Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Moscow
1988-90: Engineer, Chief engineer, Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Moscow
1988 - till recently: articipation at the more 14 research programs. Participant of the project,
Project manager in the field of perspective technologies. Objective consulting, innovation projects, technology transfer

Teaching Experience:
  • Regular courses and Invited lectures in Universities and Scientific Centers:  Design in Aerospace, Fundamentals of a Space technology, Methods  of Engineering Design, Innovations .

 Research Interests and Activities:

    Theory of search for perspective engineering solutions.
  • Mathematical and computer simulation of Aerospace technology
  • High Altitudes Platforms
  • Renevable Energy
  • Usage of cluster analysis and morphological approach at creation of new systems
  • New solutions in Aerospace (Reentry vehicles, Launch systems, HAPs)
  • Basic results, which had been obtained and are developed:
    a) New classes of the solutions of  problems (Structural synthesis).
    b) New sufficient conditions for global optimality
    c)  Rational and optimal designers of the technical systems (spacecraft, railgun,ecology, hardware and  medicine), modern problems of system analysis.
    d) Innovations

Computer skills ( example programs )

    Programming: Pascal, C, Fortran, Delphi XE
    Engineering program: MathCAD, SolidWorks, AutoCAD
    Graphics: Photoshop, Corel Draw
    Internet: FrontPage, HTML, Macromedia Flash,  etc.


    German - Goethe Institute (Goettingen (1994), Berlin (1999)


2011: Participation more at 40 international scientific conferences, more than 130 scientific publications, more than 24 big projects, 25 patents - Aerospace, Medicine, Environmental protection, Electronic and Engineering.
2011: Software Awards for Lane progam
2007-08: DFG Germany, Mercator Program.
2007: Final "Prize of Russian Innovations” Project - "New physical effects - 4S Technology (Rakov,Thorbeck,2006)".
2007: Final "Prize of Russian Innovations” Project - "Method of superthin crushing of polyurethane".
2006: Final "Prize of Russian Innovations” Project - "Monocarbon coating for medicine".
2004: The innovative Award of the INTEL.
"Prize of Russian Innovations".
2002: Academician of the Russian Astronautically Academy.
1999-01,02: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
The title European Engineering Educator "ING-PAED IGIP"
1998:   Invitation to New York Academy of Sciences
1998: Invitation to “Who' S Who in the World ” 16 th Edition, “Who’s Who in the Scientific World”(1999)
1994-1996:    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD
1991,92: First Place at the concurs “The best young scientist of Moscow State Aviation institute"
1992: Third place at the Russian Concurs “Best Innovation Problem Solution”
1982-88:   Two first places on competition of student's activities


Tennis, Preferans, Swimming, Modern Art

Professional Societies Membership

Personal Data:

Full name: Rakov Dmitry Leonidovich
Born: December 4, 1964, Moscow, Russia
Nationality:   Russian
Civil status: married

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