Method for disinfection of postal matters

 Dmitry Rakov(-->


This technical solution for disinfection can be used for the decontamination from biological substances (bacteria, viruses etc.) contained in letters, envelopes and any other postal matter. Contrary to existing procedures (heating, UV-/Gamma-Radiation and ultrasonic checks), the proposed application allows for an expeditious screening process of any amount of sealed mail, letter packets or parcels.

The principle is based on the use of super high frequency emission onto the bacteria/viral content inside the screened subject item. Containing water, the bacteria and viruses are neutralized due to the exposure to radiation. The destruction of bacteriological contence is achieved by way of electromagnetic resonance within the molecules. The penetrating energy is absorbed by molecules, resulting in thermal oscillations increase. The destructive result of heat exposure on biological items results in a severage or brake up within the sequence of bio-chemical mechanism. 

Temperature of destruction (spores of anthrax) is 120ξC. The influence of temperature about 180-200ξC ( temperature of inflammation for a paper about 230ξC) is possible.

Major advantages of the procedure include:

·         ease and reliability of application

·         effectiveness

·         possibility for processing of large size objects 

·         quick installation and application of apparatus

There is no radioactive radiation (gamma radiation method). One of the procedure is the high degree of efficiency of transformation of UHF-Energy in thermal processes



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